Shadow Of Your Wings
Available for purchase at

Available for purchase at

Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 
(Book + CD sold separately)
Lorna's oldest sister, Sherry Emata, was chosen for this national collection of recordings. There is a 3-page feature on the Emata Family with the CD and a 2-page feature in the book. Available for purchase at
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Pianistic Developments is a company owned by Sherry Emata and Lorna Emata Goodwin.  It was conceived out of Sherry and Lorna’s commitment to making the process of learning to read music more fun, efficient and practical.

The learning tools they created proved to exceed their expectations.  Students were learning the names of the piano keys and their major and minor scales almost immediately due to the unique design.  

The products were originally designed for children, but it did not take long for teens and adults to reap the benefits because of the user-friendly layout.   When you use the materials, your first thought is “well, of course, that is so easy, why didn’t I think of that?”  

The colorful and bright Instant Key Finder (IKF) comes with two laminated cards, drill sheet, instructions and CD.   Because most people are visual learners, beginners learn the names of the piano keys immediately because of the “neighborhood concept” and catchy tune.  

Like the IKF, the Major Scale Cards and Blues Scale cards were designed to prop up behind the piano keys.   Aligning the picture of each key to the designated finger makes learning scales fast and fun.  Scales are now accessible at a much younger age because they are not overwhelmed by notation on the staff.  

The Minor Scales (relative, harmonic and melodic) are in book form.  For the older pianist, the visual is sufficient to accelerate this often cumbersome process.  Technique and theory is no longer frustrating and boring!